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Do you know how important wildlife is or where it is located?

To build a truly sustainable future for the world, we must all do our part to protect wildlife and preserve biodiversity on the living ecosystem that is our planet. Learning to share the living space of our earth with wild animals is one of the most critical and important steps to take in bettering the condition of the world. In fact, the greatest levels of biodiversity occur in the tropics of developing countries around the world; improvements made around these ecosystems can have several additional benefits on the host countries, whether it be an increase in ecotourism or the improvement of corporate social responsibility practices by foreign companies working in developing environments.

Here at WICA we work every day to ensure the long-term survival of spectacular and imperiled species around the world. Whether it be at our main offices in Maine or at our project site in Costa Rica, we never stop working. Significantly more species are presently lost to extinction than their natural extinction rates would normally allow; this is largely due to the modern human’s inability to understand the delicate system of interdependence and balance that defines our life space. We are here to change that.

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